Mercury Retrograde in Libra Sept 17 – Oct 9, 2015

Mercury is currently Retrograding in Libra, seemingly “going backwards” in the sky as seen from Earth, though this is merely an illusion. Mercury Retrograde is interesting in that it seems to be have predictable and noticeable effects on everyone and if you are aware of when Mercury is retrograding you should notice it playing out in your life.

Mecury rules communication and intercommunication, including travel, particularly over short distances. Therefore it rules over letters, contracts, local journeys, bicycles, trains, trams, transportation of goods and commerce both buying and selling. It rules all forms of conversations, reading and writing, contracts and agreements and legal documents as well. It also rules emails and computer code, smart phones, Facebook and Twitter! So any of these areas can be affected. So far this Mercury Retrograde period, Facebook has gone down 3 times. Mercury in Greek mythology is Hermes, the Messenger and the god of commerce. The word Mercury is from the Greek word merces, meaning gain, trade or profit. There has been many examples of stock market disruption and crashes during Mercury Retrograde, most famously the Wall Street Crash of 1929.

Mercury is the ruler of all messages and statements can turn out to be false or scrambled under Mercury Retrograde. The god Hermes was also a trickster and fickle, so you could never trust whether his messages got through or not, or were truthful. He was ‘hard to pin down’ hence the description Mercurial, like quicksilver. Nothing is ‘set in stone’ or can be relied upon during Mercury Retrograde. Retrograde Mercury gets a bad press in many ways, with such claims that things are disrupted, scrambled, go missing or break. It is true that it is not a good time to marry, sign contracts, make big purchases or decisions, or make an important announcement, as often those decisions and contracts will need to be REdone once Mercury goes forwards again.

However, I have always found Mercury Retrograde periods to be positive in that they do seem to force me, or I find myself going BACK over things. It helps me to find the time or inclination to REflect and REvisit, REdo or REarrange those things from my REcent past that have been left undone. The latin root of all of these words is re, meaning ‘again’ or ‘back’ and there is a definite period of going back over things and doing them again. This is true of both during Mercury Retrograde for matters in the recent past and again once Mercury is Direct and out of its shadow, you may find important decisions, purchases or contracts need to be redone, or revisited. Hence the reason to wait!

So although you may notice that things are disrupted, break or seem to stop or go in reverse at this time and decisions are hard to make, it is a good time to reflect and revisit things and tie up loose ends. I finally pull out that pile of bills and go through them, make payments, call people back, send a lot of emails, all those things that you have been putting off, or need dealing with, or going OVER. There is a sense of tidying the past before being able to move forwards once Mercury is out of its shadow phase.  It is only once Mercury is Direct and then moved back over the degree in which it slowed down and reversed and out of its shadow phase can its disruptive effects considered past. Mercury goes Direct on October 9th, but is not out of shadow until October 24th, 2015.

Mercury Retrograde can also be about past relationships, particularly with Mercury in Libra. You may find people coming back into your life from the past, or revisiting past relationships mentally. You may rethink current relationships, or have conversations going back over past events.