As there is an emphasis on eclipses in this blog and in my life (and my husbands), I have just looked ahead at eclipses coming in the next few years. I absentmindedly scanned down the list looking for pairs of eclipses coming up in Leo or Aquarius, as these would affect both my husband (Leo) and myself (Leo Moon). And then I spotted this!:

For The Leo

21st August 2017 (The Leo’s birthday) – Solar Eclipse at 28 53′ Leo EXACT conjunct his Sun at 28 19 Leo. His Sun is in the 9th house (travel, higher learning). Looking to the house ruled by the Sun, the house with Leo on the cusp, he has Leo on the 9th house cusp, so again the area of life affected will be 9th house issues, travel, physically or mentally through long journeys or journeys of the soul. An exact conjunction of an eclipse to the Sun marks a major event or change of path in your life, an absolute milestone. “One becomes keenly aware of the need to set ones own course, to be who he or she wants to be” (Eclipse Interpretation Manual, Rose Lineman).  An eclipse on ones birthday colours the whole year, being prominent in the Solar Return chart. It will be a dramatic, milestone year.

At the same time, the Leo will have transiting Neptune exact conjunct his IC. The theme continues with this from Adrian Duncan: “Neptune over the IC: Dissolution in the environment – This is a time when unusual developments in your domestic situation dissolve the foundations on which you have built family life. Your normally sense of security slips through your fingers; the water seeps through the dyke, the sea undermines the cliff. This is the time to learn that the outer frameworks of domestic life are subject to the depredations of time, as is everything else. There is just one place that can never dissolve, and that is the home deep within your heart. By building up your connection to your inner self, you create the foundation stone for all future growth. This period of domestic dissolution leads to a sense of homelessness or rootlessness, not just in connection with your family, but also in your career. You need to work and live in an environment that will be meaningful to you far into the future, so the wise move now is to let go of situations that you are tired of.

For Me

21st August 2017 – Solar Eclipse exact conjunct my Moon (relationships, the home/mother) at 28 11 Leo in my 7th house (relationships). Looking to the house ruled by the eclipse planet means the house with Cancer on the cusp as Cancer rules the Moon..Cancer is on the cusp of my 7th house (relationships). Eclipses to the natal moon stimulate the emotions and illicit emotional responses in the areas ruled by the Moon (7th house in my case). “Events associated with this aspect have emotional impact on the individual and in the case of an exact conjunction, the effect can be traumatic, especially if the eclipse is severely afflicted.” (Eclipse Interpretation Manual,  An eclipse on ones birthday colours the whole year, being prominent in the Solar Return chart. It will be a dramatic, milestone year.Rose Lineman).

Something significant is going to happen that day between me and my husband and that solar return year for my husband!

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