The Leo

The Leo seems to be particulary sensitive to eclipses. Important events happen in his life on or near eclipses, often to the day of an eclipse. I want to record major events in his life, past, present and future and planetary aspects and eclipses prevailing on him.

The Leo has a 7th house Moon at 29 degrees. He also has Sun square Moon. He ‘blows like a reed in the wind’ is how one astrologer put it. He certainly seems to be very reactive/affected by eclipses. Here is a list so far and more if I find them:

22 August 1998 Solar Eclipse in Leo: The day he told me he loved me
13 Feb 1999 Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: Our first kiss
June 2001 Eclipse: The day he moved in with me
28 Sept 2006 Eclipse: Moved together to a new town and a new life on that day
August 2007 Lunar Eclipse: The day he told me he though he no longer loved me
11 Sept 2007 Solar Eclipse in Virgo: The day he left
July 2009 Lunar Eclipse: The day we began moving in to our new home
August 2009 Solar Eclipse: The day we finished moving
Feb 2010 Eclipse: We got engaged
10th July 2010: The day we got married in the shadow of an eclipse on 11th July
13th September 2015 Lunar eclipse: The day he submitted his application for a job that offered promotion, permanency and roots
28th September 2015 Solar Eclipse: The day he finds out whether he has got the job

Future Eclipses
21st August 2017 Solar Eclipse at 28 53′ Leo: On his birthday exact conjunct his Sun at 28 19 Leo and exact conjunct my Moon at 28 11 Leo in my 7th house. Something huge will happen that day!

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