I have been reading, studying and practicing Astrology for over 30 years. My journey began with a book I read age 10, about astrology. I remember being immediately fascinated, as I still am. In my twenties I took astrology classes for 6 years and continue to read astrology textbooks and look at charts all the time. What fascinates me particularly is how you can see movements of planets in the sky and know with some certainty that something is going to happen at a coming time. A time that does not yet exist. Or does it ?

I am by no means an expert and there are many thousands of astrologers more knowledgeable than me and yet, I have managed to make some predictions over the years, which I can honestly say did come to pass. This is extraordinary and yet I cannot explain it. There is no scientific explanation of why planetary movements in the sky relating to ones own natal chart mean that certain events will play out in ones life in the future. Ancient civilisations used vast precious resources building temples and buildings to plot the movements of the Sun, Moon and stars. They observed a correlation between activity in the sky and activity on Earth, particularly during eclipses.

I need to point out that I have only ever been able to predict specific things for myself or those close to me and only from major planetary transits, Eclipses, Saturn Returns, transits to personal planets. The big ones. I do not profess to be able to  ‘see’ the future and I cannot predict lottery numbers. All I know is, I have the astrological tools, limited by my knowledge and experience and an intuitive personality which together has allowed me to foresee an outcome at times. I can only prove this anecdotally. But if there is enough body of evidence, that predictions are possible, would that not prove something significant is happening to us? Its a riddle that defies logic I wish the world’s physicists would take seriously and attempt to answer!

I will write about things in this blog that have happened to me and those close to me during important astrological events and in doing so, I have several aims. First, to be an online record of things are coming up in the future, lest I forget. Second, to journal some of the things that happened in the past on important astrological transits. Third, to be of interest to anyone who wants to explore astrology. Lastly, to persuade at least one physicist to take this seriously rather than dismissing it out of hand and offer me an explanation of what on earth is going on here !

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