After the Lunar Eclipse in Aries: Action Stations

Now that the lunar eclipse has passed, the anxiety and sluggishness has abated and things surging forwards positively. There is a strong sense of taking ACTION. Full moons mark culminations and completion of a cycle and Eclipses have 10 times the power of an eclipse to act on our lives. The energy of the eclipse has released situations that were stuck. Prior to the eclipse you may have felt anxious, or ill even, as those things that need to be purged or let go of manifested as illness. You can now let go of things you fear or have been stressed and anxious about and anything that it does not serve you to hold onto.

With Pluto now Direct we are forced to let go of the old us, or conditions we were hanging onto and with the eclipse falling in Aries, there is a powerful sense of initiation and beginning over. Now is the time to take action and move forwards. This isn’t necessarily new things out of the blue, but solutions to situations that have been stuck or ruminating for months. What have you been striving for since around March/April? Look particularly at anything that begun since Thursday/Friday when Pluto slowed down and stationed and see how things now move forwards in that area.

For myself, several important situations to do with money and property have been resolved this morning. All before midday. What situations have sprung forwards this morning in your life? And if they haven’t already, now is the time to make bold steps and in true Aries style ‘put yourself forwards’ and initiate change. Time to let go of those things you know you need to and send your life in a positive new direction. You may even want to make a list of them and set fire to it, truly letting go under a fiery red Aries Full Moon.

Oh and this morning the Leo got the job 😉


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