Eclipses – A Point of Prediction

One way to try your hand at predictions or understanding astrology acting on your chart (assuming you have one, or generated one for yourself in Astrodienst) is to look at eclipses. Eclipses come in pairs, one Lunar one Solar every 6 months. The recent eclipses have fallen in Virgo (Lunar) and then Aries (Solar). Eclipses that fall within 2 degrees of a personal planet (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, or Mercury) or an angle (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven or IC) will have a noticeable effect on your life. So if you have a personal planet or angle in Aries, or Virgo or squared to Aries, the coming eclipse will have a noticeable effect on your life if this is within 2 degrees of the eclipse point (4 degrees Aries). Look for aspects to personal planets by conjunction, square, opposition or trine and within a 2 degree orb or less. Exact aspects, within 1 degree, or less will have a more noticeable, dramatic effect, for good or bad, depending on whether the eclipse is afflicted or aspects an affliction in your chart. Look here (and elsewhere) for a list of coming and past eclipses: List of Eclipses 2003 – 2020.

As there is an emphasis on eclipses in this blog and in my life, I have just looked ahead at eclipses coming in the next few years looking for pairs of eclipses coming up in Leo, as this would affect the Leo and myself (Leo Moon). I spotted this!

21st August 2017 (The Leo’s birthday) – Solar Eclipse at 28 53 Leo EXACT conjunct his Sun at 28 19 Leo in the 9th house with Leo on the 9th house cusp. An exact conjunction of an eclipse to the Sun marks a major event or change of path in your life, an absolute milestone. “One becomes keenly aware of the need to set ones own course, to be who he or she wants to be” (Eclipse Interpretation Manual, Rose Lineman). An eclipse on ones birthday colours the whole year, being prominent in the Solar Return chart. It will be a dramatic, milestone year.

On the same day, 21st August 2017 the Solar Eclipse exactly conjuncts my Moon at 28 11 Leo in my 7th house (relationships). Eclipses to the natal moon stimulate the emotions and illicit emotional responses in the areas ruled by the Moon (7th house again, having Cancer on the cusp). “Events associated with this aspect have emotional impact on the individual and in the case of an exact conjunction, the effect can be traumatic, especially if the eclipse is severely afflicted.” (Eclipse Interpretation Manual, Rose Lineman).

Something big is going to happen that day for us and particularly that year.


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