Eclipse 28th Sept: The Truth Will Out – Dramatic Endings and New Beginnings

The total blood red Lunar Eclipse occurs at 04 Aries, with the South Node at 0 degrees Aries. 0 degrees is known as the World point or angle and so this eclipse will be felt by nations and the world as well as individuals with planets 0-8 degrees of Aries. Not only that but the eclipse is conjunct the North Node, which is on the Galactic Centre at 26 Sagittarius, a highly sensitive point said to be a vortex or black hole at the centre of our Galaxy which is the source of most of the gravitational pull in it. At the same time, Pluto has just gone Direct in Capricorn, potentially transforming world structures. The eclipse is also conjunct three ‘goddesses’, Juno, Vesta and Black Moon Lilith, together with it being a Full Moon, the goddess theme is prominent along with developments in the structure of our lives, particularly our relationships. Full Moons illuminate and effect change and mark culminations and endings. An eclipse gives a Full Moon 10 times as much power. Together with Pluto Direct, this could be an intense and transformative time, especially if the eclipse conjuncts any personal planets or angles in your chart. See this interesting summary of the theme of this eclipse: Astrology King


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