Does the future already exist ? Einstein’s classical theory and quantum physics

I have just been watching a program by the excellent Professor Brian Cox – Horizon (2008-2009: 4) Do You Know What Time It Is? In it, he attempts to work out what time it is now and whether time has always existed now, in the past and in the future.

Maybe there is something here that can go someway towards explaining how astrology works? The program talks about Einstein’s famous theory of time. As Professor Brian explains:

“According to Einstein, the past, present and future, all exist”. He goes on to explain that time is on a continuum (a bit like in Back to the Future!?) “all of space and all of time are there and your life would be there too, like a line, or a piece of string, a route through space time. So on this line, you’re birth would be here, your death would be there and there’s your life. So at face value, time doesn’t pass, there’s no such thing as the passing of time, there’s just a line, a path through space time, that you took. According to Einstein, my birth, my first day at school, my graduation, all these events still exist in space time. A week next Tuesday, my 70th birthday, even my death, all these future moments in time, already exist.”

Professor Brian Cox explains that Einstein saw time as a dimension where the future is already mapped out and we simply career headlong into it. This is what is known as a classical theory, but one which ignores modern Quantum Physics, which sees the world as one of probabilities where nothing is predetermined. The challenge of current physicists is to get Einstein’s classical theory to work with the edicts of quantum physics.

In terms of astrology, I can only agree with Einstein that the future is already mapped out and events already exist. But there is an element of free will (most astrologers will point this out) in how we react and act to planetary influences on us, which therefore introduces probability. In terms of astrology, outcomes can be seen as two sides of the same coin. What can be determined though, is that something will occur in the realm of the planet aspected, or the house ruled by that planet.

The latest theory of time, as explained by Dr Fay Dowker, is that space time is not a smooth structure, but ‘grainy’ and made up of individual events. The theory states that the future isn’t set in stone, but that every event is a time grain and the future grows out of the past from these grains of time. A grainy reality could therefore come into being and grow and that growth itself could be the passage of time. “The future isn’t set in stone, it grows out of the past.”

This is the best explanation yet, I have heard to go someway towards explaining how astrology can exist. That the event I predicted would happen on the eclipse of 11th September 2007 would in fact come true and that it could not have happened, had a past event not occurred on the timeline of my life..when my then friend, the Leo turned to me on the eclipse of August 22nd 1998 and said those words, “you’re beautiful”. And present events, when we married on July 10th, aptly, in the shadow of an eclipse, grew out of those past events.

Its extraordinary that I found this program, now, just as I have decided to start writing this blog to try and understand and find an explanation of how events in space seem to have observed personal effects on my life. Professor Brian Cox often says that he regards astrology as “woo woo” and yet he concludes the program by asking “Do we create our own future, or is it already written?”. Indeed ! I await the answer Brian…


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