Pluto transiting natal Ascendant – Descent into the unknown

So its coming, the big one. The transit I’ve had my eye on the past 10 years.. Pluto transiting my Capricorn Ascendant. I’m not expecting to have much say in what unfolds over the coming few years. Only how I react and deal with it. Pluto is currently retrograding 8 degrees away from my Ascendant at 20 Capricorn. It goes stationary direct on 25th September and Direct on the 26th September, a week from today. It gets to within 2 degrees of my Ascendant by early April before retrograding away again from 19th April 2016.

I have two close friends who are going through this transit right now. They are ok, happy even, but they have been dealing with hellish times. Just as they get their heads above the madness, another wave of tragedy, loss and anxiety hit them, taking them further down into the underbelly that is Pluto.

I want to start writing about Pluto transits before anything noticeably bad (or good!) happens. Maybe I will lose something precious to me, maybe my very life blood will be compromised. Maybe I will get famous, one possiblilty! One thing is sure, my life will be transformed and me along with it. The key word for Pluto is “transformation”. My husband asks me why I am so concerned about this transit and I answer simply, I know I am not going to escape Pluto’s grip. A tsunami is on its way, I dont know where its going to wash up yet.


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