Month: September 2015

Life On Mars

Major discoveries in our understanding of the universe have coincided with events and new developments on Earth. Uranus was discovered in 1781. Uranus symbolically represents freedom, revolutionary and radical ideas, inventiveness, change, the lightbulb or eureka moment, lightning and electricity. It was discovered during major advancements in scientific methods and in the same decade as the discovery of Uranium, a previously unknown element named after the new planet. The planet Neptune was discovered in 1846. In astrology, Neptune rules illusions, delusions, dreams, imagination, alcohol, drugs and the unconscious. It was discovered at a time in the mid 1800’s with major developments in the invention of photography and film, anaesthetic and hypnotism. Pluto was discovered in 1930 along with Plutonium and the start of atomic research in the 1930’s. Symbolically it destroys in order to renew and rules death, destruction, rebirth, power all fitting symbols for the nuclear age.

Yesterday, as the Moon was eclipsed in Aries, there was a ground breaking announcement from Nasa – confirmation that they have found evidence of flowing water on the surface of Mars. This is a significant development from the “red planet”, falling on the same day as a blood red eclipsed Moon at 4 Aries conjunct the North Node at 0 Aries. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and its colour is red. For their to be a major development in mankind’s understanding of Mars on the day of an Aries eclipse could not be more fitting. The presence of water mean that life is possible, a shocking discovery to a planet thought of as dry and barren. Yet there has always been hope of finding life on mars. Nasa stated in their press release:

“It took multiple spacecraft over several years to solve this mystery, and now we know there is liquid water on the surface of this cold, desert planet,” said Michael Meyer, lead scientist for NASA’s Mars Exploration Program at the agency’s headquarters in Washington. “It seems that the more we study Mars, the more we learn how life could be supported and where there are resources to support life in the future.”

After the Lunar Eclipse in Aries: Action Stations

Now that the lunar eclipse has passed, the anxiety and sluggishness has abated and things surging forwards positively. There is a strong sense of taking ACTION. Full moons mark culminations and completion of a cycle and Eclipses have 10 times the power of an eclipse to act on our lives. The energy of the eclipse has released situations that were stuck. Prior to the eclipse you may have felt anxious, or ill even, as those things that need to be purged or let go of manifested as illness. You can now let go of things you fear or have been stressed and anxious about and anything that it does not serve you to hold onto.

With Pluto now Direct we are forced to let go of the old us, or conditions we were hanging onto and with the eclipse falling in Aries, there is a powerful sense of initiation and beginning over. Now is the time to take action and move forwards. This isn’t necessarily new things out of the blue, but solutions to situations that have been stuck or ruminating for months. What have you been striving for since around March/April? Look particularly at anything that begun since Thursday/Friday when Pluto slowed down and stationed and see how things now move forwards in that area.

For myself, several important situations to do with money and property have been resolved this morning. All before midday. What situations have sprung forwards this morning in your life? And if they haven’t already, now is the time to make bold steps and in true Aries style ‘put yourself forwards’ and initiate change. Time to let go of those things you know you need to and send your life in a positive new direction. You may even want to make a list of them and set fire to it, truly letting go under a fiery red Aries Full Moon.

Oh and this morning the Leo got the job 😉

Eclipses – A Point of Prediction

One way to try your hand at predictions or understanding astrology acting on your chart (assuming you have one, or generated one for yourself in Astrodienst) is to look at eclipses. Eclipses come in pairs, one Lunar one Solar every 6 months. The recent eclipses have fallen in Virgo (Lunar) and then Aries (Solar). Eclipses that fall within 2 degrees of a personal planet (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, or Mercury) or an angle (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven or IC) will have a noticeable effect on your life. So if you have a personal planet or angle in Aries, or Virgo or squared to Aries, the coming eclipse will have a noticeable effect on your life if this is within 2 degrees of the eclipse point (4 degrees Aries). Look for aspects to personal planets by conjunction, square, opposition or trine and within a 2 degree orb or less. Exact aspects, within 1 degree, or less will have a more noticeable, dramatic effect, for good or bad, depending on whether the eclipse is afflicted or aspects an affliction in your chart. Look here (and elsewhere) for a list of coming and past eclipses: List of Eclipses 2003 – 2020.

As there is an emphasis on eclipses in this blog and in my life, I have just looked ahead at eclipses coming in the next few years looking for pairs of eclipses coming up in Leo, as this would affect the Leo and myself (Leo Moon). I spotted this!

21st August 2017 (The Leo’s birthday) – Solar Eclipse at 28 53 Leo EXACT conjunct his Sun at 28 19 Leo in the 9th house with Leo on the 9th house cusp. An exact conjunction of an eclipse to the Sun marks a major event or change of path in your life, an absolute milestone. “One becomes keenly aware of the need to set ones own course, to be who he or she wants to be” (Eclipse Interpretation Manual, Rose Lineman). An eclipse on ones birthday colours the whole year, being prominent in the Solar Return chart. It will be a dramatic, milestone year.

On the same day, 21st August 2017 the Solar Eclipse exactly conjuncts my Moon at 28 11 Leo in my 7th house (relationships). Eclipses to the natal moon stimulate the emotions and illicit emotional responses in the areas ruled by the Moon (7th house again, having Cancer on the cusp). “Events associated with this aspect have emotional impact on the individual and in the case of an exact conjunction, the effect can be traumatic, especially if the eclipse is severely afflicted.” (Eclipse Interpretation Manual, Rose Lineman).

Something big is going to happen that day for us and particularly that year.

Eclipse 28th Sept: The Truth Will Out – Dramatic Endings and New Beginnings

The total blood red Lunar Eclipse occurs at 04 Aries, with the South Node at 0 degrees Aries. 0 degrees is known as the World point or angle and so this eclipse will be felt by nations and the world as well as individuals with planets 0-8 degrees of Aries. Not only that but the eclipse is conjunct the North Node, which is on the Galactic Centre at 26 Sagittarius, a highly sensitive point said to be a vortex or black hole at the centre of our Galaxy which is the source of most of the gravitational pull in it. At the same time, Pluto has just gone Direct in Capricorn, potentially transforming world structures. The eclipse is also conjunct three ‘goddesses’, Juno, Vesta and Black Moon Lilith, together with it being a Full Moon, the goddess theme is prominent along with developments in the structure of our lives, particularly our relationships. Full Moons illuminate and effect change and mark culminations and endings. An eclipse gives a Full Moon 10 times as much power. Together with Pluto Direct, this could be an intense and transformative time, especially if the eclipse conjuncts any personal planets or angles in your chart. See this interesting summary of the theme of this eclipse: Astrology King

Pluto into the light

Pluto Stations Direct 25th Sept: Into the Light

Pluto stationed Direct today at 12° Capricorn 58’. It turned retrograde on April 16th this year at 15° 33′ Capricorn and since then, we may have felt buried in our deepest darkest secrets or thoughts from the past, stuck in some kind of mental turmoil or isolation. It meant lack of progress and frustration, especially for those with personal planets and angles between 13° and 15° of the Cardinal signs. Once Pluto goes Direct tomorrow 26th, we should start to see progress in areas where we have felt frustrated, although Pluto will not be past its retrograde point until 16th January 2016. Expect things that have been internalised to start to externalise as Pluto moves forwards and difficult situations to shift. Secrets can come out into the light.

The keyword for Pluto is transformation. In order for transformation to occur, sometimes things need to break down altogether, or be let go of to allow new conditions to manifest. As Pluto is in Capricorn, this rules structures, order and earthly things, those things that we take for granted as solid and so our very support systems can be eroded. This isn’t the dissolving of Neptune, or the hard lessons of failure of Saturn, but decay of old ways, decomposition and death of something to allow for rebirth. Pluto is an outer planet, so its effects are felt generally by generations, unless Pluto is aspecting a personal planet or angle. For myself, Pluto has just stationed 7° from my Ascendant, a major transit.

Astrologers use different orbs for different planets. For Pluto, I always considered 8 degrees away to be within orb, particularly for the major aspects such as conjunctions, squares and oppositions. With Pluto transits, they are front loaded with the most dramatic effects seem to be felt from the beginning, when Pluto first comes into aspect.

I have two friends with Pluto exact on their Ascendant at the moment and it will be interesting to see what effect Pluto Stationed today will have on their situation. Now Pluto is no longer retrograding, distressing situations they have both been enduring may now shift forwards. Especially once Pluto is out of shadow in January.

Supermoon eclipse

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse 28th Sept 2015

There will be a rare total Lunar eclipsed blood red supermoon in the early hours of Sunday night, visible from the UK.

The Lunar Eclipse occurs on September 28, at 4 degrees and 40 minutes of Aries (opposite the Sun in Libra) starting from 2.07am and affecting people born with personal planets and points at approximately 0 to 10 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) most significantly. See here for a summary:

This is the 4th in a Tetrad of Supermoons that have taken place over the past 500 years, bearing an interesting correlation to developments in world religion. Some are therefore suggesting that this last in the Tetrad series will mark changes or shifts in religion. You can read a description here

This lunar eclipse may well have effects on the world stage, but also personally in our own lives, depending on whether it aspects any personal planets or angles within orb. Eclipses can have significant personal effects, shunting you onto a new path in life, often unforeseen beforehand, depending on the conditions of the eclipse.

The eclipse will be felt on my Chiron on 8 degrees of Aries. This is the healer, but also the wound. Today I was referred for a scan for ongoing pain in my lower right side. I can’t say I’m not concerned, especially as Pluto goes stationary tomorrow and Direct on Friday, near to my Ascendant. Pluto is Lord of the Underworld, the ‘bowels’ of the Earth afterall.

Does the future already exist ? Einstein’s classical theory and quantum physics

I have just been watching a program by the excellent Professor Brian Cox – Horizon (2008-2009: 4) Do You Know What Time It Is? In it, he attempts to work out what time it is now and whether time has always existed now, in the past and in the future.

Maybe there is something here that can go someway towards explaining how astrology works? The program talks about Einstein’s famous theory of time. As Professor Brian explains:

“According to Einstein, the past, present and future, all exist”. He goes on to explain that time is on a continuum (a bit like in Back to the Future!?) “all of space and all of time are there and your life would be there too, like a line, or a piece of string, a route through space time. So on this line, you’re birth would be here, your death would be there and there’s your life. So at face value, time doesn’t pass, there’s no such thing as the passing of time, there’s just a line, a path through space time, that you took. According to Einstein, my birth, my first day at school, my graduation, all these events still exist in space time. A week next Tuesday, my 70th birthday, even my death, all these future moments in time, already exist.”

Professor Brian Cox explains that Einstein saw time as a dimension where the future is already mapped out and we simply career headlong into it. This is what is known as a classical theory, but one which ignores modern Quantum Physics, which sees the world as one of probabilities where nothing is predetermined. The challenge of current physicists is to get Einstein’s classical theory to work with the edicts of quantum physics.

In terms of astrology, I can only agree with Einstein that the future is already mapped out and events already exist. But there is an element of free will (most astrologers will point this out) in how we react and act to planetary influences on us, which therefore introduces probability. In terms of astrology, outcomes can be seen as two sides of the same coin. What can be determined though, is that something will occur in the realm of the planet aspected, or the house ruled by that planet.

The latest theory of time, as explained by Dr Fay Dowker, is that space time is not a smooth structure, but ‘grainy’ and made up of individual events. The theory states that the future isn’t set in stone, but that every event is a time grain and the future grows out of the past from these grains of time. A grainy reality could therefore come into being and grow and that growth itself could be the passage of time. “The future isn’t set in stone, it grows out of the past.”

This is the best explanation yet, I have heard to go someway towards explaining how astrology can exist. That the event I predicted would happen on the eclipse of 11th September 2007 would in fact come true and that it could not have happened, had a past event not occurred on the timeline of my life..when my then friend, the Leo turned to me on the eclipse of August 22nd 1998 and said those words, “you’re beautiful”. And present events, when we married on July 10th, aptly, in the shadow of an eclipse, grew out of those past events.

Its extraordinary that I found this program, now, just as I have decided to start writing this blog to try and understand and find an explanation of how events in space seem to have observed personal effects on my life. Professor Brian Cox often says that he regards astrology as “woo woo” and yet he concludes the program by asking “Do we create our own future, or is it already written?”. Indeed ! I await the answer Brian…

Pluto transiting natal Ascendant – Descent into the unknown

So its coming, the big one. The transit I’ve had my eye on the past 10 years.. Pluto transiting my Capricorn Ascendant. I’m not expecting to have much say in what unfolds over the coming few years. Only how I react and deal with it. Pluto is currently retrograding 8 degrees away from my Ascendant at 20 Capricorn. It goes stationary direct on 25th September and Direct on the 26th September, a week from today. It gets to within 2 degrees of my Ascendant by early April before retrograding away again from 19th April 2016.

I have two close friends who are going through this transit right now. They are ok, happy even, but they have been dealing with hellish times. Just as they get their heads above the madness, another wave of tragedy, loss and anxiety hit them, taking them further down into the underbelly that is Pluto.

I want to start writing about Pluto transits before anything noticeably bad (or good!) happens. Maybe I will lose something precious to me, maybe my very life blood will be compromised. Maybe I will get famous, one possiblilty! One thing is sure, my life will be transformed and me along with it. The key word for Pluto is “transformation”. My husband asks me why I am so concerned about this transit and I answer simply, I know I am not going to escape Pluto’s grip. A tsunami is on its way, I dont know where its going to wash up yet.

The Big One: The Prediction of 2003 that came true in 2007

I just saw something that sent shivers down my spine.

I just laid my hands easily on a set of charts I had printed out in 2003 that I knew I had kept safe. About a triple transit of Saturn through my 7th house and over my 7th house Moon. I first spotted the transit in November 2003 when Saturn was retrograding near my Descendant. I had printed off this chart and on the back plotted by hand, the retrograde, stationary and direct movements of Saturn. A triple transit of my 7th house and Moon from 2004 to 2008. I kept the notes and print outs for years, but I’ve only just found them again.

I did this because I knew this was a significant, life changing transit. I remember clearly, as if it were yesterday, back in 2003 sat with my boyfriend (now husband) pouring over the chart, with anxiety. He asked what was wrong, so I told him that Saturn was going to transit my 7th and my Moon (and his Sun). What does that mean he asked nonchalantly? It means we will either split up, or get married, I lied ! We better get married then he replied, smiling. In fact my interpretation and intuition of my Saturn Moon transit and his Saturn Sun transit, were that we would break up.

I later realised that this major transit of Saturn through my 7th and over my Moon was going to be accompanied by a once in a lifetime eclipse in Virgo, EXACT opposite my Sun in Pisces coming at the very end of my 7th house of 1:1 relationships. This coming together of two huge astrological events on my chart on the same day proved to be a life changing experience, as eclipses often are, especially if they connect with personal planets.

Whats especially disconcerting about this is, not only was it 4 years before hand, but that we did split up in fact, to the DAY that I predicted. 28th August 2007, a lunar eclipse in Pisces.

We moved away to start a new life in September 2006 (also on the day of an eclipse) and before we did, I had a powerful  premonition that we would split up the following year and that our cat would die. My best friend urged me not to go, but I said I felt we were like a speeding train that couldn’t be stopped on its journey.

By 2007 I had been watching events unfold realising with awful inevitability my anxiety of 2003 was coming to fruition. I would add that I had no control over these events, I didn’t ‘make it happen’ through negative thinking, in fact I had managed to forget all about the transit during the excitement of the move. Once I realised my boyfriend was going down a path that may not include me, I did everything I could to reverse fate, to no avail. On 28th August, a lunar eclipse in Pisces, he turned to me and said, “I’m not happy…”.

He said he needed a few weeks to think, at the end of which he announced that he was leaving me, for good. He eventually packed a suitcase and moved 200 miles away on Tuesday 11th September 2007. The day of that solar eclipse in Virgo at 18′ 25″, EXACT opposite my Pisces Sun at 18′ 58″. Virgo represents my ‘significant other’ as he was eclipsed from my life.


To say this was devastating was an understatement. I was also, in my grief, astonished at the timing coming on the very day of the eclipse. On the same day, Saturn, planet of loss and hard lessons, was conjunct my Moon in the 7th house of marriage partners and significant others, a powerful symbol of loss. My boyfriend was also in the middle of a Saturn transit, exact conjunct his Sun. Later that week, my cat suddenly died.

This is just one, powerful, example that something I felt would happen as a result of the planetary angles in my (and my husbands) charts did come to pass. Many astrologers post about free will and making the most of opportunities and challenges that present themselves. Some say that if the planets suggest “rain”, you can always choose to stay indoors, or buy an umbrella. However, this has not been my experience. Especially with the exact contacts to personal planets and eclipses. There seems to be a surreal inevitability to it.

Later (in December 2008), I made another prediction, that we would get back together once Saturn went Direct for the third and final time (the first pass of a planet in a triple transit is called the problem, the second, the solution and the third, the  RESOLUTION). On 16th May, 2009, my ex boyfriend called me out of the blue and asked me for dinner. He gave me the address over the phone.. and I never left. We got back together as couple on 17th May 2009, the day Saturn went direct. This again was out of my control, we had not been in contact from some time. It was his decision.

Look again at the photo of the chart I plotted. In 2003 I plotted the day that Saturn went Direct for the last time over my 7th house Moon – 17th May, 2009.

I wonder, is there is any way the worlds physicists may one day read this and answer me something. What the… is going on here ?

Between Eclipses September 2015

I had said on here that one of my stated intentions was to track eclipses and real life events and possibly predict them beforehand. I am inspired by the Leo, who always seems to have big life events, or changes of direction on eclipses. Sometimes to the day.

First of all, a prediction, or two. One old, one new.

A while ago, the Leo was asked to apply for a job that hadn’t as yet been advertised. It was a promotion, a step up and a move to a company that would offer him a more solid future. I said there was an eclipse coming up soon and as these are always significant for him, I felt it was an auspicious time to be asked to apply for a new role that would shunt him onto a new path in life. A game changer. It turned out that the job was advertised and the closing date published.. as Sunday 13th September. He got his form submitted at 10.30 am on the 13th. And what happened on Sunday 13th September?

It was a partial solar eclipse at 20° 10′ Virgo.

Falling in his 10th house. Within 5 degrees of his Midheaven.

Chart 13th September 2015

Eclipse in Virgo 13th September 2015

And people say that astrology is codswollap.

Secondly, the interviews have been set for Friday 25th September. In the shadow of the lunar eclipse in Aries on the 28th September. That’s a Monday. When he is back at work.

My prediction is: he will get the job. 😉